Car Parking

Visitor Car Parking At The Alfred


The Alfred is committed to offering accessible car parking facilities for the convenience of our patients, visitors and staff (subject to availability). All proceeds support Alfred Health patient care. These car parks are open 6am to 10.30pm, seven days a week. Parking fees are displayed at all entrances to the car park.

Click here for a Campus Map with parking facilities, including bicycles, at The Alfred.

All Visitors parking at The Alfred is located in the multilevel car park at the Alfred Centre and on the Ground Floor of Multi Level car park.

The car park is underground on two split levels and is adjacent/under The Alfred Centre.

The maximum height clearance for the car park is 2.1 metres.

Enter Via.The visitor car park is accessible from Centre Lane, an internal roadway, which runs off Commercial Road and is located between The Alfred Centre & The Burnet Tower. Traffic approaching along Commercial Road, from either direction, can turn into Centre Lane.

Exit Via. When exiting Centre Lane, traffic may only turn left into Commercial Road. Vehicles can then use the dedicated U-turn zone, which is in front of the main entrance to The Alfred, if they wish to head east.

Drop off zones at hospital entrances

The Alfred is committed to ensuring our services are accessible to everyone requiring our assistance and provides several areas on campus where patients and visitors can be "dropped off". These zones are located outside the Main Entrance to Hospital (Commercial Road) & the Front Entrance to The Alfred Centre (Centre Lane) and are subject to the following restrictions:

  • Disabled parking is allowed for a maximum of 30 minutes
  • Drop off and pick up is allowed for a maximum of five minutes

Car Parking Conditions for Vehicles 

All vehicles are parked at the owners' own risk. Alfred Health will not accept liability for any damage to, or loss of property from, any vehicle parked in the car parks or for personal injuries incurred by users of the car parks.  

  • All users of the car parking facilities on Alfred Health Campuses must ensure they drive safely, considerately and in accordance with the law and all signage displayed on site
  • Park only in designated car parking spaces      
  • Obey the rules for parking that are displayed in car parks and at the entrances to car parks       
  • Acept that the rules for use of car parks apply to all users and that violations may attract
  • Follow any reasonable directions given by car park staff     
  • Acept responsibility for the security of their vehicle and any possessions left in it while parked on Alfred Health sites

Disabled parking

The Alfred has over 50 designated Disabled bays located around the campus. (See map attached). Vehicles must display a valid Blue Disabled Permit, and must park in designated disabled bays.·        

  • Main Front Entrance (Commercial Rd) – 4 Bays – Free, Limit 2 Hours·        
  • William Buckland Centre (Enter via Alfred Lane) - 12 Bays – Free, Limit 2 Hours·        
  • Centre Block (Enter via Alfred Lane) - 26 Bays - Pay & Display Rate: $8 for 1 hour or $10 for 24 hours.       
  • Alfred Centre (Enter via Centre Lane) – 16 Bays - Normal visitor rates apply.       
  • Multi Level Car Park (Enter via Centre lane) - Normal visitor rates apply.
  • Types of permits accepted;
    Code A - for a driver / passenger who has a disability.
    Code B - for a passenger who has a disability.


You will need to pay for your parking before returning to your vehicle.

Patients, Carers, Visitors and Staff can pay for parking using the Automated Pay Stations which are located on B1 & B2 in the Alfred Centre or on the Ground Floor Multilevel Car Park. 

Parking rates are as follows as off 1st July 2013*:

  Normal Hourly Rates Healthcare & Pension Card Rate
Up to 1 Hours $8.00 $8.00 
Between 1 & 2 Hours $13.00 $10.00 Flat Rate
Between 2 & 3 Hours $16.00 $10.00 Flat Rate
Between 3 & 4 Hours $19.00 $10.00 Flat Rate
Between 4 & 5 Hours $22.00 $10.00 Flat Rate
Between 5 & 6 Hours $25.00 $10.00 Flat Rate
Over 6 Hours $26.00 $10.00 Flat Rate
Enter After 8pm/Exit Before 8am/Weekends/Public Holidays $10.00  

* All prices include GST 

Pension & Healthcare Card Holders

To obtain the $10.00 Flat Rate, you must get your entry ticket validated prior to payment by presenting it at the car park office located on the Ground Floor, Multi Level Car Park (Applicable Monday - Friday Only)    

No Student Concessions are available.

Master card and Visa Credit Cards are accepted on entry & exit at the gates or at the pay stations


The Alfred has made a number of provisions to meet the needs of our patients and their families/carers in need. Patients, carers or relatives attending the hospital on a regular basis or demonstrating financial hardship may be granted a standard hospital discounted rate based on the following criteria:-

  • The patient attend the hospital for treatment three or more times per week
  • The patient and up to two designated carers have requested a reduction in the full rate on the grounds of financial disadvantage and it is clear that:·        
  • They are experiencing significant additional expenses related to hospitalisation/visits (e.g.: accommodation costs, travel costs)·        
  •  Prolonged periods of hospitalisation or visiting is required, anticipated to be 10 days or more (inpatients), that will lead to significant additional travel expenses. 

If you, your carer or relative would like to apply for a discount and meet the above criteria then please contact the Manager, Patient & Family Services on (03) 9076 2027

Parking Fees for Alfred staff

Alfred staff may utilise the Multi Level car park (subject to availability) at a discounted staff rate via payroll deduction only. Normal rates apply outside of this. New staff member seeking further information on parking fees at The Alfred, are to contact the Car Park Office on 03 9076 3244.


Any vehicle found to be parked illegally within hospital grounds will be issued an Infringement Notice in accordance with the Road Safety Act 1986 or Infringements Act 2006. Assistance during Business Hours/Weekdays & Weekends, our car park attendants are able to assist you with queries, car parking problems, purchase of discounted tickets and help with directions. They can be contacted between 6.30 am and 8.30 pm weekdays (excluding public holidays) by: 

  • using the intercom button on any of the auto pay stations across the campus
  • phoning 03 9076 3244 (Alfred Car Parks Office) 
  • approaching a car park attendant (identified on their uniforms)

Monitored surveillance cameras have been installed in all car parks and panic buttons are also available on each level of Alfred Centre Car Park and Multi Level Car Park.

After Hours Assistance (including Public Holidays)

After hours assistance can be obtained by using the intercom buttons at any of the auto pay stations or by calling the Alfred Security on 0410 221 020. 




Visitor Car Parking at Caulfield Hospital

Visitors can park for $6 per day in Caulfield Hospital's carparks. Concession rates apply for patients who frequently need to attend the hospital.

Changes to car parking at Caulfield Hospital will be implemented from 2 March 2015.

Click here for a brochure detailing changes and an updated Caulfield Hospital site map.


Visitor Car Parking At Sandringham Hospital

The car park is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Car parking rates are based on time in the car park and are as follows:
Up to 1 Hour…………………………$4
1 - 2 hours……………………………$6
2 - 3 hours……………………………$8
3 - 4 hours……………………………$10
4 +   hours……………………………$12
Lost Ticket……………………………$12 

Sandringham Hospital Car Parking Guide