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A/Prof Lesley Braun Senior Research Fellow
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Ms Cathy Stanguts Research Assistant
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Ms Ondine Spitzer Research Assistant
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Description of Service

The Integrative Cardiac Wellness Program is an initiative of Professor Franklin Rosenfeldt and Dr Lesley Braun of the Cardiothoracic Surgery Research unit of the Department of Surgery of Monash University at The Alfred in Prahran, Melbourne.

Professor Rosenfeldt has conducted cardiac surgery research at The Alfred for 30 years. In particular, he has investigated the use of natural substances, such as antioxidants, to improve heart function before and after surgery.

Dr Braun is a qualified pharmacist with additional naturopathic training and particular expertise in the integration of complementary and conventional medicine practices, drug interactions and complementary medicine safety.

In 2004 a human clinical research trial commenced at The Alfred, using metabolic therapy (a combination of fish oils and the antioxidants coenzyme Q10, alpha-lipoic acid, selenium and magnesium orotate), exercise and stress reduction to improve outcomes for cardiac surgery patients.

The results were positive, demonstrating up to 50% reduction in complications (such as atrial fibrillation) after surgery and up to 1 day less hospital stay.

The results of this study formed the basis of the Integrative Cardiac Wellness program which now comprises integrative medicine services and health promotion consultations together with nutritional supplementation.

General Information

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Monash Centre for the Study of Ethics in Medicine & Society.
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